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Clay Puzzling Basics

Are you looking for an easy way to work with clay? Are you intimidated at the thought of taking a block of clay and creating something by hand? Have you considered introducing clay in your studio but don’t want to make a huge investment in materials and space? Clay puzzling techniques were developed by Michael Harbridge to show people how to create the look of hand-built clay pieces with the use of bisque shapes, puzzler molds or simple items like inexpensive clay pots. In this webinar you’lllearn the basic techniques for making flat and three-dimensional creations. It’s a perfect technique for children and adults. Even experienced clay artists enjoy clay puzzling methods!


Wisp Brushing & Wisp Banding

Michael Harbridge will show some cool things you can do with the Royal & Langnickel Wisp Brushes. These unique brushes can paint multiple lines at one time and are perfect for creating plaid designs and so much more! Wait until you see how easy they are to use with a banding wheel. Learn about the Wisp Fan, Filbert, Flat and Angular. Proper loading, application and cleaning techniques will be covered.  


Extruder Pumpkins & Chunky Gourds

Learn all the tips and tricks to make these outstanding extruder coil pumpkins and chunky-puzzled gourds. It’s a whole new way to take traditional pumpkin shapes to a whole new dimension and add texture to these simple gourds. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create these forms with natural looking leaves using moist clay. Michael will cover the building process, painting and firing. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some of the most popular techniques Michael has taught around the country. Studio owners will find this to be a profitable workshop for children and adults.


All About Brushes

Do you realize thousands of different brushes exist? With so many brush options, how do you know if you’ve selected the proper brush for a technique? What’s the difference between natural hair and synthetic? What’s best for glazes or stains? Does the shape and hair really matter? Michael will explain the differences in hair, how brushes are constructed and how to properly care for brushes. He’ll also demonstrate basic strokes, proper single, double and triple loading. Learn about the Funky Pouncer and Wisp brushes and exciting techniques for using these unique items. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know more than you ever imagined about brushes. Achieving success with your work is a combination of technique and the proper tools.

Stamping & Banding on Bisque

Make your own coordinating ceramics with the use of Royal Clear Choice Stamps and banding techniques. These stamps are not like traditional wooden block stamps. They are soft, flexible shapes you combine with fired or non-fired colors to create patterns and designs on almost any shapes. Best of all you can use them on rounded or concave forms. Michael will also show you how to center and band colors on vertical and horizontal pieces. You’ll also discover how easy it is to load the stamps with multiple colors for this colorful fall design.


Raku Firing Mold-Cast & Hand-Built Ware

Discover the truth about Raku firing techniques with mold-cast and hand-built ware in a regular electric kiln. Michael will walk you through this exciting process of glazing and firing. The colorful results of the finished ware will blow you away! Best of all, it can be done in almost any electric kiln capable of reaching cone 06. Find out how to achieve matte and gloss
combinations and how to combine glass frit for outstanding finishes. Learn how to safely work with children and adults doing this exhilarating process.


Textured Puzzling

Take basic clay puzzling to a new level of texture after Michael covers the basic puzzling techniques. Discover how to use inexpensive sculpting and ribbon tools to add unusual textures and remove carved areas in moist clay. What kinds of materials can you press into clay and safely fire away? Tune in to find out! In addition to clay puzzling, texturing and firing practices, Michael will go over some easy, yet striking finishing methods. This is such an easy way for children and adults to fashion the look of expensive hand-thrown pottery without a wheel.


Combining Glass Frit with Clay

Can you fire glass frit with ceramic surfaces? Discover what can and cannot be done when combing clay and glass. Find out how to create a clay shape over a bisque plate with inset areas carved away with the use of ribbon tools and textured with inexpensive pottery tools. Michael will show you how to fashion your pattern with and without a pottery wheel. He’ll cover the building and finishing
procedures before showing how to add glass and fire.

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Painting and Draping Glass

Combining Clay and Glass

Extruder Puzzled Globes

Raku and Clay Puzzling

Clay Puzzling Globe Vases

Impression Puzzling Globes

Impression Puzzling Vase

Extruder Pumpkins

Grape Vase

Strawberry Vase 

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